Our Company 
history and overview 


Goldman and Co

Head Office

Broad St, Bristol


+44 117 189 2648

Head team

Andrew Goldman | CEO
Molly Holmes | Director


Founded in 1994, in a small town in Bristol

25 years ago, finance students Andrew and Molly decided to establish a financial consulting start up, and haven't looked back since. Over two decades later, Goldman and Co offers a variety of different services that were not even part of the initial plan.


Goldman and Co receives BEFS award

In 2001, Goldman and Co won the award for Best Established Finance Startup in the UK. After participating in Consultation Summit 2001, the company was awarded with a gold trophy and a partnership with Consultants UK. 


Fifth branch opened in Central London

After opening branches in Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle, we decided to open our fifth branch in Central London. This was a huge milestone for Goldman and Co, since London is the UK's financial capital. 

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