Saving planing


Anna Smithy is a certified life-coach team of three people, who have been providing helpful services for over three years. However, they noticed that they were spending too much on business operations and came to us for some assistance. 


We went through financial records and pinpointed key areas where Anna Smithy were overspending and where spending could be avoided. We updated their business plan to account for more saving and taught them the basics of sustainable practice. 


Anna Smithy


Business consulting


20 | 01 | 2019




Our target was to reduce additional spending and help Anna Smithy become better at saving money. Also, we wanted to teach them about some helpful alternatives in business.


We went over the company's financial records and pinpointed where Anna Smithy was overspending. We also organized training for them to learn sustainable business practices. 


Anna Smithy understood the key aspects of saving when it comes to the corporate budget, and also how to allocate their finances in a more sensible and financially sustainable way.

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