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BlackCat is a music streaming start up, which had a great initial idea but very little information when it came to their vision and more quantifiable goals. We helped them to quantify their goals and create appropriate mission and vision statements.


We sat down with the BlackCat team and went over their initial motivation for starting this music streaming service. We also set the appropriate goals, and went over their company culture to write the company mission and vision statements.




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04 | 11 | 2019



Our target for BlackCat was to remind them of why they started their business in the first place in order to write mission and vision statements, and also determine and quantify their goals.


We sat down with the team and went over their company culture and values, after which we wrote the mission and vision statements. We also determined their goals and turned them into numbers.


BlackCat now has amazing mission and vision statements that will help guide the company in the right direction. They also have quantifiable goals which have been set to track company progress.

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