Accounting advisory


Similar to Kaleidibo, STL is a yet-to-be-launched

 video editing software start up that did not have a 

solid marketing plan. They were set to launch, but

 their marketing plan was not sufficient so they had to 

delay the launch date.


We helped STL carry out the appropriate market 

research and determine their expected position in the

 market. Likewise, we took care of the financial side of things and helped to quantify the marketing goals 

we set specifically for them.




Market research


07 | 10 | 2019



Our target was to re-write STL's marketing plan and add make their goals more quantifiable. Likewise, we wanted STL to learn and remember the process, which is why we worked together with them.


We went over the marketing plan and also carried some market research to help better understand the company's position and marketing goals. We also added some crucial numbers and stats.


STL was launched successfully and is currently thriving. They have a marketing plan for the next couple of years, and we have started a collaboration with them to help them out.

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